Are these products certified?

Every safelifz product goes through a variety of testing and safety certifications. Each tested product is CE, 3C, ROHS and FCC Certified. All Safelifz products are backed by a 90- day guarantee to ensure a risk-free purchase.

Safelifz disinfection products can be safely used in every occasion of your life, no matter if it is home, business, travel or healthcare. Experience a healthier lifestyle with Safelifz.

Each product uses ultraviolet light 260nm-280nm which damages the DNA of microorganisms, making them unable to reproduce by inactivating the pathogens. It is one of the efficient, fast, convenient and environmentally friendly ways of physically achieving disinfection of surfaces.

Safelifz 59S sanitisation products eliminate up to 99.9% germs and bacteria, without the use of water or chemicals. The disinfection process is 100% ozone free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly. 

The Safelifz 59S sterilisation product ranges include disinfection solutions for households, travel, mobile, mom and baby, clothes, medical labs etc.

The disinfection of products is tested for effectiveness by various agencies such as SGS, FDA, EPA, CE etc.

Each product is designed with various protection and safety designs. The UVC LED lights shut down automatically when the product is overturned, or the lid is opened during the disinfection process to reduce UV exposure. Products are compact and easy to use helping you in sanitising any product on the go.

ROHS certification is issued by an independent certification agency whose main objective is to safeguard life, property and environment through quality assurance and total quality management.

Each safelifz product goes through rigorous testing and commodity product certification such as 3C, CE, FDA before release. Safelifz sanitisation products help in sterilising various tools, surfaces, and accessories helping in reducing the spread of germs, bacterias and viruses through them.

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