Can the sterilizing box kill the COVID-19 virus

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus which cannot be detected by human eyes. Various health and medical commissions have recommended UV light as a possible disinfection method.

There is a significant risk of transmission of COVID-19 virus if the regular day to day items and frequently contacted surfaces are not disinfected regularly. With supply chains under stress, it is hard to procure conventionally used surface disinfectants.

UV-C light is proven to be effective in eliminating 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses including coronavirus by destroying their DNA and RNA proteins. Hospitals and aerospace operations have used this non-chemical disinfection method for decades.

UV-C disinfection works on a variety of surfaces and objects such as stethoscopes, thermometers, mobile phones, glasses, masks and other items.

Safelifz has a range of products which can be used to safely fight the present pandemic without the risk of generating chemical residues and byproducts, which can harm your health and pollute the environment.

The Safelifz 59S UVC LED sterilising box is efficient in killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria in under 3 minutes. It can be used to sterilise and counter the shortage of masks, making it possible to reuse masks safely because of its 100% ozone and mercury-free disinfection method.

Safelifz Sterilising Box helps in disinfecting and reducing odours from your frequently used accessories. The process of disinfection is simple. Place the article you want to sanitise in the box and switch on the product, Wait for 3 minutes, and you will get notified when the disinfection process is over. The box can also double as a sterile storage box.

With Sterilising box, you can replace your traditional tedious and long disinfection process which generally involves harsh chemicals and unpleasant odours—keeping you and the environment safe in the present situation.

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