How does the UV stick work?

Safelifz 59S UVC LED Sterilizer Wand X5 uses UV LED technology and ultraviolet light of wavelength range 260 nm-280 nm which is heavily absorbed by the DNA and RNA of bacteria, spores, microorganisms, viruses including coronavirus. The light destroys the nucleic acids in DNA, making it impossible for the pathogens to reproduce, making them ineffective. It works against almost all germs.

It consists of 20* UV LED beads which have up to 10,000 hours of a lifetime, making it a long-lasting and eco-friendly disinfection method. Without using any harsh chemicals or water and 100% ozone free disinfection.

For safety reasons, the product is not charged fully during transportation. The first use requires a full charge which usually takes 3-4 hours. The wand has an inbuilt battery with 2500 mAh capacity which ensures you can enjoy hassle-free disinfection for 50 minutes after a full charge.

A gravity sensor is installed in the product to ensure that the wand turns off automatically if the rollover angles become greater than 45 degrees. This function helps in preventing any accidental exposure of germicidal UV rays to the eyes and skin of the user.

The product has a quick double-click on/off switch which is designed to prevent children’s from switching on the wand and harming themselves. Ensure that you double click the switch quickly under 200 milliseconds to switch it on.

To use the disinfection wand, fully charge it and then unlock the safety lock and unfold the flip panel. Double click the sterilizing button to start sterilizing process. Scan back and forth for 5 to 10 times with a distance of 1 inch from the surface you want to disinfect. The disinfection will automatically stop after 3 minutes, or you can stop the disinfection process by switching off the button.

The wand can be used to clean any surface, including elevator buttons, car seat, toilets, door handles, chopping board, crib, crawling mat, etc. Every product goes through a lot of testing and certification such as FDA, FC and CE to ensure you get the simple, affordable, safe and convenient disinfection.

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