Is the stick safe to use?

Safelifz 59S UVC LED sterilising Wand X5 is powered by 20*UVC LED. It helps in disinfecting and eliminating up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus in a short amount of time without the use of water or any additional chemical products.

The X5 disinfection wand is designed by keeping user safety in mind. It is built with an inbuilt gravity sensor which automatically shuts off the product when it is turned over during a disinfection process. It also comes with safety goggles and a child lock that prevent any mishaps.

The products come with a specially designed quick double click on/off switch. Helping prevent children from accidentally activating it as children are not fast enough to double click buttons under 200 milliseconds. 

Follow this process to achieve safe and effective disinfection:

  1. Put on the safety google and unfold the sterilising wand.
  2. Point the wand downwards towards the surface you want to disinfect.
  3. Open the child lock and quickly double click the on/off switch. Check if the indicator is turned on.
  4. Scan the surface at a distance of 1 inch and sweep the wand for 5-10 times over the surface
  5. Click one more time to switch off the rod during the disinfection process.
  6. Make sure that you avoid direct eye contact with the light and don’t use the wand to scan people or pets.

Safelifz products help you in adopting new healthy lifestyles easily, by providing a simple, affordable, safe and convenient disinfection solution through its extensive product range. Each safelifz product goes through rigorous testing and gets certified for user safety by CE, ROHS and FCC.

X5 Disinfection wand is lightweight and portable with inbuilt battery making it easy to store in your handbag, backpack and luggage while travelling. It helps you achieve 100% ozone free disinfection anytime and anyplace.

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