Is there any harmful radiation or chemical in these products?

Each product goes through a lot of testing and FDA, FCC, CE and other safety certification to ensure you get the best product which provides a simple, affordable and safe disinfection method—helping you transition to a new healthy lifestyle.

Each Safelifz 59S LED sterilisation product adopts UV LED technology and employs germicidal Ultraviolet light of wavelength between 260nm-280 nm. This light is effective in damaging the nucleic acids and DNA of various microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses such as coronavirus making them inactive by destroying the reproduction capacity of the microbe.

The disinfection method used is a physical process which eliminates 99.99% of germs without using water or harsh chemicals, providing a safe 100% Ozone free disinfection. It is an eco-friendly efficient way of sterilising surfaces without leaving any residue.

Each product is skillfully engineered to ensure no accidental UV exposure to the eyes and skin of the user. The safelifz 59S UVC LED Sterilizer wand uses a gravity sensing function which automatically switches off the wand as soon as the rollover angle becomes greater than 45 degrees. It also comes with a child lock and a quick double click switch which ensures that your kids are safe and are not accidentally exposed to the UV rays.

The safelifz sterilising box is thoughtfully designed to ensure the safety of the user. It has an auto shut-off function to stop UV rays when the 3-minute sterilisation process is over or in cases where the lid opens to more than 30 degrees while the sterilisation process is ongoing—protecting the user from the being exposed to UV-C rays.

Every safelifz sterilising product comes with trusted safety certifications which are backed by a 90-day guarantee which ensures a risk-free purchase for the user. In rare cases of accidental exposure to UVC radiation ensure that you consult a doctor if you suspect and eye or skin damage.

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