Understanding Ultraviolet (UV-C) light for disinfection and its benefits

UV-C is the shortest wavelength and the most harmful type of UV ray spectrum consisting of UV-A UV-B. It is absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere. UV-C disintegrates the nucleic acids in the cells of microorganisms, used to sanitize food, air, and water. Excessive exposure to humans is detrimental to skin and eyes. It can lead to skin cancer UV rays Used in hospitals and research labs to sterilize equipment and rooms as it is highly effective under superbugs. UV-C light at appropriate dosages can eliminate any pathogenic light that helps remove fungal contamination and other harmful airborne particles from the air when integrated into homes’ airconditioning systems. Leading to significant disease reductions.

UV disinfection is an excellent supplement for other methods because of the following reasons:

  1. Broad ranged Disinfection: It is lethal to all organisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungus. Being a dry method it destroys the existing mold and prevents future growth. While other methods may or may not leave a damp environment, their disinfection process provides a moist environment for fungi colonies to thrive.
  2. Eliminates pathogens responsibly: Traditional disinfectants have often lead to a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbug. UV technologies mechanisms make it impossible for microorganisms to build immunity to it. Helpful in disinfecting hospitals and facilities which see a wide range of deadly microbes.
  3. Environment Friendly: UV disinfection is a physical process, unlike the harsh chemicals used in sanitizing and cleaning traditionally. It can be used in the food and related industries like restaurants, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, water filtering plants.
  4. Multiple methods of operation: It can be installed in areas and can work autonomously to sanitize unoccupied spaces. IT can be a portable solution for households and on the go cleaning.
  5. Cost-Effective disinfection: Unlike regular restocking. It is a one-time investment and can save time and money consistently because of less labor and lifetime maintenance costs.
  6. More reliable Disinfection method: Manufactures of UV-C emitting sources are regulated to minimize the UV exposure by installing shield, interlocks, special guards to prevent human endangerment. If safety instruction is followed, UV light is less likely to cause harm than the harsh chemicals used in cleaning products.

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