What are the Benefits of UVC Sterilization?

UV-C light is 99.9% effective in disinfecting surfaces by destroying the genetic material DNA/ RNA of viruses and microorganisms, rendering them incapable of reproduction. Traditional cleaning methods are specific can still miss harmful germs and only be used on limited surfaces. The top 10 benefits of using a UV light for disinfection is listed below :

  1. Contactless Disinfection: You can sanitize any surface without coming into direct contact by illuminating it with a handheld device or static fixture.
  1. Faster Disinfection: It disinfects a variety of surfaces in a short amount of time when compared to traditional sources. Disinfection time depends on the intensity and distance of the UV-C fixture from the target surface.
  1. Wide ranged disinfection: UV light is effecting in inactivating a wide array of pathogens. Including bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold spores. 
  1. Effective against Mold Spores: UV disinfection being a dry method, unlike other disinfection methods that may leave a damp environment for fungi growth. It takes care of the existing mold and prevents future growth.
  1. Nontoxic disinfection: UV light is environment-friendly because it is a physical process rather than a chemical one. It doesn’t produce any toxic by-products as compared to the harsh chemicals used in cleaning and sanitizing products. It is safe to use on food and related industries effectively without any health safety concern.
  1. Kills Super-bugs: Unlike traditional disinfection methods, UV light disinfection is a physical method; hence the bacteria cannot build immunity towards it. It can inactivate an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses.
  1. Autonomous Disinfection:  It can be installed in a room and be used when it is needed. It can disinfect an unoccupied room without active human involvement.
  1. Convenient Method of Disinfection: You don’t have to restock it, unlike other consumable cleaning supplies.
  1. Affordable Method: It saves time and money for years because of its low lifetime maintenance costs. It is a one-time investment instead of a regular stocking up of chemical disinfectants.
  1. Safe Disinfection:  UV light is less likely to cause harm than the harsh chemicals in cleaning products if appropriate precautions are taken

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