Why Use UV Sterilization?

UV light has three regions- UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C based on their wavelengths. Industries use UV-C ( the short-wavelength UV light) as an effective, safe and affordable sterilization solution for their needs.
The Germicidal UV-C (200nm-280nm wavelength) light is absorbed heavily by the microbes resulting in destroyed nucleic acids and disrupted DNA function. Thus, hindering bacteria in performing vital cellular functions, including the ability to reproduce or infect.
The benefits of using UV sterilization is listed below:

  1. Chemical Free Sterilization method: This disinfection method inactivates microorganisms by a physical process than using harmful chemicals; hence no corrosive by-product is generated after the procedure.
  2. Safe Germicidal Process: Environment-friendly method of killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses and can be used for sterilization of food, air, and water without being concerned about contamination by toxic and harmful chemicals
  3. Efficient air purification: Safest method of air purification as it eliminates all illness-causing pathogens and contaminants, which could aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. UV light is utilized in hospitals, laboratories, or settings where there is a need for improved air quality.
  4. Fast Germicidal action: A good source of UV-C light can kill over 99% of microorganisms in a short amount of time.
  5. Broad-range disinfection: UV can inactivate a broad range of microorganisms, including fungi, protozoa, viruses, bacteria, chemical-resistant pathogens and superbugs.
  6. Helps in reducing contaminants: It is an effective way to reduce or eliminate VOCs and industrial exhausts containing solvents by breaking down chemical contaminants while disinfecting.
  7. Environment Friendly: No additives to the object sterilized except UV light. It is an effective way to prolong the shelf life and nutritional value of food without adding chemical preservatives.
  8. Convenient to Use: UV light requires no transportation, storage, or handling of toxic and corrosive chemicals, making it safe for its operators and immediate environment.
  9. Cost advantage over other Methods of Sterilization: It does not create long-term costs, which are often associated with chemical alternatives – such as Leak response, risk management, transportation operator training, delivery, and emergency planning.
  10. No Toxic By-product: UV treatment creates no carcinogenic or harmful by-products as a part of its disinfection process.

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